Various improvements on MapTiming


Google is doing a good job crawling sites with dynamic content, but still it has to know where to look. The navigation on MapTiming is based on browsing the map and hitting markers, and that’s something the google spider is not up to. A sitemap is now available on MapTiming, on this URL:


The sitemap contains links to each individual event. Location URL’s are not in the sitemap.

For if visitors land on an event page, a link is added from the event view to the location view.


Structured data

The event pages now contain RDFa structured data markup. The indexing is still ongoing, so it’s still unclear what the effect will be on search results… fingers crossed.

Page titles

Page titles reflect the content that’s displayed, e.g. the name of the location or the title of the event.


Get directions

The menu icon on a location or event contains a direct link to Google Maps for getting directions to travel to the location.

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