Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar to share your information in three simple steps Go to and navigate the map, filter the events or select a location Copy […]

Managing Events

These buttons at the bottom right corner of the map allow anyone to manage the events:  Add a new event  Modify an event  Print a page to announce the events using […]

SEO Google is doing a good job crawling sites with dynamic content, but still it has to know where to look. The navigation on MapTiming is based on browsing the […]

The last couple of days a series of updates has been applied. the iframe for displaying the location or event details is refactored into an AJAX call, to make the […]

Adding a similar event

To add an event to an existing location, or an event that is very similar to an existing event:

There’s no direct way to delete an event, but events will be automatically deleted once they’re in the past.

Web 2.0 adoration time!

The major leap forward that the internet still has to take is to leverage basic existing technology to convert ‘card catalog’ websites into interactie information platforms. This evolution is known […]