“Crowd-sourcing events data means surmounting the Catch 22 problem of events mapping”

Maps Mania is a blog featuring websites that apply online maps technology. The article that covers the release of MapTiming HASH makes the analysis of how MapTiming approaches the biggest challenge of crowd-sourcing event maps: reaching a critical volume of event information to become a relevant tool for both publishers and users.

maptimingUnlike other event maps, MapTiming is not primarily set up as a standalone website for users who are searching or publishing events. Publishers are encouraged to add their events to MapTiming, obtain a ‘view’ on their data (which is an URL containing location and/or filtering information), and use this view for social sharing or even embedding as an interactive map on their websites. This way MapTiming becomes productive as a tool from the first publication onwards.

Read the full article on Maps Mania.

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