MapTiming development iteration roadmap

Because the first release is now a fact, and even according to plan, here’s an update of the development iteration roadmap.

MapTiming will have two free plans:

  • MapTiming HASH – an open map where anyone can share any events. By adding hashtags to the event descriptions you can set up a specific filter for displaying your events, and you can promote the hashtag for other people to start sharing similar events.
  • MapTiming OPEN – a custom map that you setup and dedicate to a specific type of events. Still anyone can join your map and add events.

The free plans have been shifted forward in the iteration plan, because they can live with a basic feature set that is expanded over time.

This is how the iteration roadmap looks like now. The red arrow shows were we are now. There’s no detailed planning, but just by extrapolating the progress rate, the next HASH release could still be for September-October timeframe.

Iteration roadmap

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