MapTiming releases “HASH” free event mapping app


MapTiming provides a blend of calendar and mapping features to share event information. HASH is the name of MapTiming’s first event mapping service.

If you open MapTiming HASH you will see a map where anyone can publish events. Scheduling an event is like adding an appointment to your calendar. To organize the information, MapTiming borrows from Twitter the concept of hashtags. It’s an informal way to add tags, using keywords in the description that begin with a #-character. Later on, you can create a view on the map that shows the events with that specific tag. Other people can start adding similar events using the same tag to crowdsource a useful database!


Two steps to get started:

  1. open and add your event data. You can use repeating dates. Don’t forget to set the location and to include a hashtag in the description!
  2. open and click the hashtag-button to enter your hashtag to filter on. Navigate the map for an optimal view and presto! Share the URL on facebook or google+ or on your website or embed the map on your website as an iframe.

Note: this service is meant for publishing relevant information! If you just want to check it out, use these links: and Keep in mind that the test map may be cleaned up once in a while.

Expect in the next couple of weeks some more releases with extensions to the HASH map: the next milestone is syncing event information to your personal calendar. To receive release information via email, subscribe to the release information newsletter.

Maptiming HASH is the first in a series of releases. MapTiming OPEN will support custom maps. MapTiming B, K, M and G will be commercial plans where the owner of the map can control the process of adding new events.

For more information, visit the website or read



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